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Summarize content, examine evidence, analyze and suggest interpretations Read the Abolitionist tract by David Walker "An Appeal to the Coloured Citizens" and explain how his argument fits with your texts information about abolitionism right before the Civil War (particularly with John Brown).

2. Besides being an anti-slavery movement, how does abolitionism enhance a fundamentally different value system in the North than is evident in the South - also think of this question in terms of the Woman''s rights movement begun in Northern states after 1848.

How does the document "Declaration of Sentiments show a clear divide between North and South.

3. Now that you''ve read about both Northern and Southern society prior to the Civil War, what are the main differences (economic sytstems, treatment of women, religious experimentation, views on the worth of people meaning the mentality of the planter v. the abolitionist) and what makes them so significant so as to eventually cause a Civil War?

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Reference no: EM13875054

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