How does a database system generate xml document

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1. How does a database system generate XML document from database data? What is the importance of the order of tables in a SQL statement that uses FOR XML? (at least 200 words)

2. Describe in general how to connect a database system to a Web server so that remote users can use their browser to access the database. What are technologies/tools/vendor products used to enable the web based database access and processing? Be as specific as possible. (at least 400 words).



Reference no: EM13895250

How would the ultimate green machine be designed

What restricted substances (like lead, mercury, cadmium, and PVC) are found in your machine? Could substitute materials be used? How would the ultimate "green machine" be de

Are the necessary assumptions to make inferences satisfied

To see if the goal is being met, they check the gasoline usage for 50 company trips chosen at random, finding a mean of 25.02 mpg and a standard deviation of 4.83 mpg. Is th

Create a profile of the object and then extrude it

Identify a simple object in the room. Create a profile of the object and then extrude it to create a solid model. Note that only certain objects- those that can be extruded-

Priority queue implementation

Write your own implementation of a priority queue of integers: a priority queue maintains its elements sorted. The operations that you need to provide are inserting an integ

What would tcp have to do

Suppose TCP senders did reliably get explicit congestion indications from routers. Assuming links as above were common, would it be feasible to support window sizes much la

Analyze appropriate software application to address solution

Analyze appropriate software application(s) to address solutions within a specific discipline. You currently are employed by a fundraising company. You are planning a huge ev

Arraylist and linkedlist classes

In Java Collection Framework, ArrayList and LinkedList classes are both implementations of the interface List. Give an example of a situation where an array list would be th

What is your interest in this leader

For Leader Analysis Paper #1, please submit a 4-5 page (minimum) double-spaced paper that details the following: 1. Who is your leader and what leadership role/s has this pers


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