How does a database system generate xml

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1. How does a database system generate XML document from database data? What is the importance of the order of tables in a SQL statement that uses FOR XML? (at least 200 words)

2. Describe in general how to connect a database system to a Web server so that remote users can use their browser to access the database. What are technologies/tools/vendor products used to enable the web based database access and processing? Be as specific as possible. (at least 400 words).

Reference no: EM13895264

What are the main differences between efs and bitlocker

The customer privacy data policy in your company's data classification standard requires encryption in two places: data stored in a user's personal data folders and data sto

Requirement for sound information management

Information governance is a core requirement for sound information management. As an HIM professional, discuss the needs and the implications of information governance as it

Elements of a potential wbs

Q1: Level 1 WBS Elements With reference to the referenced example job drawings list at least 5 Level 1 Elements of a potential WBS. Q2: Level 2 WBS Headings Select 5 of the

Specific areas for improvement

To work to improve the employee's performance by naming specific areas for improvement, developing a plan aimed at improving these areas, supporting the employee's efforts a

Full details of the implementation environment

Present your results in the form of a research paper of more than ten pages in length. Illustrate data in tabulated and/or graphical form and give full details of the implem

Requirements for equal employee opportunity

Ways Walmart is trying to meet legal requirements for equal employee opportunity? In what ways does it actions exceed legal requirements? What can Walmart's HR managers do t

List one cloud service or cloud provider

1. List one cloud service or cloud provider example from the market. 2. What products are offered by this service or provider? Explain whether products are of type Computing

Write difference between logical and physical modeling

What is the difference between logical and physical modeling? Give three reasons why logical models are superior for structuring business requirements.


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