How do internal controls such as separation of duties

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Read Dunkin' Donuts and Domino's Pizza: Training for Quality and Hustle" and answer the following questions.

What are the strengths and shortcomings of a decentralized approach to training managers and hourly employees? Discuss.

Develop a plan for determining the training needs of the hourly paid staff of a Domino's pizza franchise.

In your opinion, why was the turnover rate among management trainees in Dunkin' Donuts' centralized program so high?

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read the attachment (wishful thinking)

Integrity is one of the core values . Read "Case 3: Real Sales or Wishful Thinking?" and discuss your thoughts. Is there an ethical issue in this situation that relates to integrity? If so, what is the issue, and how should it be addressed?

each answer should be a papragraph

Please Read the attachments (high coast of fraud)

Review "Application Case 16-1: The High Cost of Theft and Fraud" and answer the following questions.

How do internal controls such as separation of duties, redundancy, and centralized processes discourage employees from committing fraudulent acts?

Why are some small businesses more susceptible to employee fraud and theft? Explain.

Given that the ACFE "2010 Global Fraud Study" reported that employee tips were the most common way that fraudulent acts are discovered, how can an organization encourage honest employees to report fraudulent behavior committed by co-workers, supervisors, clients, or vendors?

How important is it for an organization to have a code of conduct that defines fraudulent behavior, and what happens to those individuals who commit such acts?



Reference no: EM131230790

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