How do income inequality and racism affect population health

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1. How do socioeconomic status, income inequality, race, and racism affect population health? Answer the question from the following articles only and don't exceed 700 words.

Phelan, J. C., Link, B. G., Diez-Roux, A., Kawachi, I., & Levin, B. (2004). "Fundamental causes" of social inequalities in mortality: a test of the theory.Journal of health and social behavior, 45(3), 265-285.

Williams, D. R., & Mohammed, S. A. (2013). Racism and health II: a needed research agenda for effective interventions. American behavioral scientist, 0002764213487341.

2. How do gender and sexuality affect population health? From the below articles answer this question and don't exeed 700 words.

Sawires, S. (2011). Uncovering tensions and capitalizing on synergies in HIV/AIDS and antiviolence programs. American Journal of Public Health,101(6), 995.

Higgins, J. A., Hoffman, S., & Dworkin, S. L. (2010). Rethinking gender, heterosexual men, and women's vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. American Journal of Public Health, 100(3), 435.

Young, R. M., & Meyer, I. H. (2005). The trouble with "MSM" and "WSW": Erasure of the sexual-minority person in public health discourse. American journal of public health, 95(7), 1144.

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Reference no: EM13878852

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