How did nat help resolve the shortage of ipv4 addresses

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How did NAT help resolve the shortage of IPv4 addresses after the increase in SOHO, small office home office, sites requiring connections to the Internet? A it provides a migration path to ipv6 B. It permits routing the private IPv4 subnet over the internet C. NAT adds one more bit to the IP address, thus providing more IP addresses to use on the internet D. It allowed SOHO sites to appear as a single IP address,(and single device), to the Internet even though there may be many devices that use IP addresses on the LAN at the SOHO site

Reference no: EM131077100

Retrieves a student name and three scores

Write an application that retrieves a student name and three scores per line from a text file. Process the values by calculating the average of the scores per student. Write t

Calculate the amount of labor the firm

Calculate the firm's labor demand for the following production functions.  Assume that output is 100 and the rental cost of capital is 1.  In each of the following cases, ca

An analysis of the security issues associated with batch fil

For this writing assignment you will be required to provide an analysis of the Security issues associated with batch files, Visual Basic and other forms of scripting.

Differentiate between classification of data and clustering

Give two examples, apart from those given in the slides, for each of the following: a) Data mining from the commercial viewpoint b) Data mining from the scientific viewpoint.

Fill in the missing entries in the table

Write the 110 above the second 3 bits of the dividend, and subtract C×q = 101 110, again from the table, from the first 6 bits of the dividend. Keep going in groups of 3 bit

How many losers did you have after d - 1 days

Let D be the number of the day on which you buy your jth losing ticket. What is PD(d)? you buy your jth losing ticket on day d, how many losers did you have after d - 1 days

Implementation of security mechanisms

A security designer is planning the implementation of security mechanisms in a RBAC (Role Based Access Control) compliant system. The designer has determined that there are

More of the databases for computer networks

Using one or more of the databases for Computer Networks and Cyber Security, search for peer-reviewed journal articles about the communication theory or by the name of the


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