How could it exploit this information to improve performance

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1. Some systems automatically open a file when it is referenced for the first time and close the file when the job terminates. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this scheme compared with the more traditional one, where the user has to open and close the file explicitly.

2. If the operating system knew that a certain application was going to access file data in a sequential manner, how could it exploit this information to improve performance?

Reference no: EM131231985

Relationship of the corporate strategy to the it alignment

What is the relationship of the corporate strategy to the IT alignment of that strategy? Should the corporate strategy determine the IT alignment, or should the strategy sup

Code of ethics and business conduct

Morgan Stanley: Code of Ethics and Business Conduct," and "Starbucks Code of Behavior" discuss the approaches and provisions these two companies have utilized in their attem

Write a procedure homming

Submit your programs by email. The program should have as many comments as necessary. The top comments should explain how to run and test the program. If any two assignments

What is the largest n approximately

What is the largest N, approximately, that doesn't result in timeouts in the steady state (i.e., for which the Jacobson/Karels Time Out remains greater than 4.0)? Use δ = 1/

Relationship between p and x

If p denotes the selling price (in dollars) of a commodity and x is the corresponding demand (in number sold per day), then the relationship between p and x is sometimes giv

Design a circuit that will generate a single clock pulse

Design a system that will generate a single clock pulse one period long each time a push-button is pressed (you may assume that an external reference clock is available).

Why should you be hesitant to trust this confidence interval

Based on these data, a computer program found that a 95% confidence interval for the mean annual compensation of all Forbes 500 CEOs is (1.69, 14.20) $ million. Why should y

Average return for the stock market

What is the annual rate of return if someone had paid $10 for it in 1894 and the family sold it in 2005 (Assume 110 years later) for $ 1,322,500?Was this a great investment


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