How could a hexagon design be run in two orthogonal blocks

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1. Blocking in the central composite design. Consider a central composite design for k = 4 variables in two blocks. Can a rotatable design always be found that blocks orthogonally?

2. How could a hexagon design be run in two orthogonal blocks?

Reference no: EM131253026

Supply management address in global procurements

1. Building on what you have learned about building strategic partnership in this course, why is negotiation the best form of dispute resolution? Explain your reasoning 2.

Briefly describe the threat

Locate an article that describes a recent security threat (or attack) on an e-commerce site. Choose a threat or attack that occurred within the last 10 years. Read the artic

Determine the current failure intensity

Assume that a program will experience 200 failures in infinite (6) time. It has now experienced 100. The initial failure intensity was 20 failures/CPU hr. (i) Determine the

Evaluating two hardware lease proposals

a)  Suppose you are evaluating two hardware lease proposals. Option 1 costs $10,000, but requires that the entire amount be paid in advance. Option 2 costs $14,000, but the

Solving problem by permutation on set is a one-to-one

Prove that PERM=POWER P, the obvious algorithm doesn't run in polynomial time as problem size is logarithmic (and no linear) with respect to the value of t.

Business development manager of a hairdressing franchisor

Consider this scenario. You are the business development manager of a hairdressing franchisor. You have recently redesigned your organisation's templates to account for a chan

What is required for a type to be a keyand a value

Write a program that reads (key,value) pairs and prints out the sum of the values corresponding to each distinct key. Specify what is required for a type to be a keyand a va

What is branching on a configuration management system

Which is a better configuration management system: a centralized system or a decentralized system? Explain the benefits and drawbacks of each. What is branching on a configu


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