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Demonstrate a basic understanding of how computer systems have changed the accounting profession.

As research new and evolving technologies, they begin to understand the framework of how technology can assist accounting processes.

By requiring two external resources, students focus on real-life issues that are interesting to them.

Resources Required

Q1: of Core concepts of accounting information systems

Q2: 15 of Core concepts of accounting information systems


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ERP has become the backbone of new resource management system in any organisation of today. ERP is implemented in any entity in the form of a core software database system which aims to integrate and manage all the sub-data bases in that organisationOne of the most importance development in this area is that of SAP.

SAP is an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) management system which looks to integrate fully all the departments and working areas of an organisation (company) starting from Human resource to logistic, finance to distribution, accounting to operation, production to procurement. The basic idea behind the SAP methodology is that it wants to organise the business process existing in the enterprise in such a manner that it feels more coordinated and makes the information flow easy and instantly accessible.

Every SAP system has to be customised to fulfil different situations and kind of business process it is being pressed into.it must be simple to be understood and being trained for and user friendly in approach.A well-managed SAP can give very high returns to an enterprise but a poorly implemented Sap can destroy the functioning of a company.

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