How a constraint on total participation of a in r

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Consider a many-to-one relationship R between entity sets A and B. Suppose the relation created from R is combined with the relation created from A. In SQL, attributes participating in a foreign key constraint can be null. Explain how a constraint on total participation of A in R can be enforced using not null constraints in SQL.

Reference no: EM131058045

Program the uses type def

Write a C++ program the uses type def, enumerated types, structures, and structure pointers where appropriate. Make sure the function String_To_MDY() assumes that the user c

Describing data-s confidentiality and integrity

They are asking candidates to describe briefly how they would satisfy StoreItRite's requirements as stated above. How would a successful candidate respond?

Completion time for multiprocessor

1. Show that the greedy algorithm to minimize the mean completion time for multiprocessor job scheduling works. 2. The input is a set of jobs j1, j2, ... , jN, each of which t

A common element of international conflict

Cyber attacks are now a common element of international conflict, both on their own and in conjunction with broader military operations. Targets have included government netwo

Formulate the lp model for union city to minimize

Relevant information on the six potential locations of the warning siren towers and distance in miles to each of the seven schools is presented in the table below. Formulate

Write a test program that promptsthe user to enter a integer

(Display an integer reversed ) Write a method with the following header to displayan integer in reverse order:public static void reverse(int number)For example, reverse(3456

Flowchart for batch control tape

Design a document flow chart to depict each of given situations. Batch control tape is prepared along with set of transactions to make sure completeness of the data.

What other measures do you feel should be taken

How effective do you feel these and other measures are in protecting children from sexual predators online? What other measures do you feel should be taken? Are current laws


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