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In this course, our focuses so far have been on logic, graph theory, and recursion. How do these topics relate to your field of study? What connections have you made to your major or your work? What resources have helped you better understand the topics in this course? Reflect on this week's homework and focus on one or two problems. What ideas helped you better understand the problem or what questions do you have? Be specific. (This is just for regular discussion post, can anyone can complete this question with all required topics and example)

Reference no: EM131178662

Slope and downward deflection of the free end b

A cantilever beam of length l carrying a distributed load varies uniformly from zero at the free end to w per unit run at the fixed end. Find the slope and downward deflecti

Given treasury bill was sold

The given treasury bill was sold in April of this year. Find (i) the price of the T-Bill, and (ii) the actual interest rate paid by the treasury. Round dollars to the neares

Determine the current failure intensity

Assume that a program will experience 200 failures in infinite time. It has now experienced 100. The initial failure intensity was 20 failures/CPU hr. Determine the current

Describe a real-world example on how coordinate geometry

Describe a real-world example on how coordinate geometry is/can be used in the real-world. Then, create a sample question based on your example for the rest of your classmat

The system development for qurum natural park

A Qurum Natural Park is going to be established. The Qurum Natural Park will consist of many different amusement facilities located in different area zones. In order to trac

Address the learning outcomes of the assignment

Demonstrate writing proficiency at the academic level of the course; address the Learning Outcomes of the assignment. Use and cite relevant and credible sources to support ass

Data communication and networking e-textbook

The transmission of a data stream from one device to another requires cooperation from all transmitting sites through synchronization. In asynchronous transmissions, each ch

Discuss what normalization is and why it is important

Discuss what normalization is and why it is important. Normalize the database design in Module 2, and describe whether the tables are all normalized. Explain whether the tabl


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