Hiring employees on the basis of person-organization fit

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1. What are the challenges and issues of hiring employees on the basis of person-organization fit?

2. Is target marketing ever bad? and Take a position between these two views : Targeting minorities is exploitive versus Targeting minorities is a sound business practice.

3. How is the Katz v. U.S. precedent still applied today in criminal investigations and prosecutions?

Reference no: EM132280567

Differing viewpoints on culture and ethics depending

Do you believe there are differing viewpoints on culture and ethics depending on generational differences? (For instance, would a Baby Boomer view an ethical issue differently

Explain the senior and middle management teams

The CEO, knowing that professional logistics expertise has been missing from her organization, has asked you to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation of 10-15 slides for the res

Types of debt are desirable for a healthcare organization

Does adding debt increase or decrease the flexibility of a healthcare provider? Why or why not? Explain which types of debt are most desirable for a healthcare organization.

Patient would owe for covered service costing

Calculate the amount of money a patient would owe for a covered service costing $1200 if their policy has a coinsurance rate of 75-25, and they have already met their deductib

Principle of business management business

Select a known business leader that you believe demonstrates strong leadership traits and write a research paper on this individual. This leader should not be someone you know

Staying up to date in the field of marketing

In this simulation, you continue in your role of Senior Vice President for Marketing at Enhanced Analytics, Inc., a provider of marketing and consulting services, with headqua

Demonstrate a concern or focus on sustainability

Explain the concept of 3BL and how does a small restaurant demonstrate a concern or focus on sustainability? What actions are performed or choices made for these TWO topics: E

Observe a scanner and point-of-sale system

Observe a scanner and Point-of-Sale (POS) system checkout counter at a store such as K-Mart, Target or Wal-Mart and answer the questions that follow. Limit your responses to a


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