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Suppose you are creating a hashing function to use for storing string data in a hashtable. One candidate hashing function would be to sum the ASCII or Unicode values for each character, and use that result as the hashcode. Describe one potential pitfall to using this  algorithm as a hashing function for string data.

Reference no: EM132281013

What is the position of the first queue element

Suppose that queue is implemented as an array with the special reserved slot, as described in this chapter. Also, suppose that the size of the array implementing queue is 100.

Create a very simple four function integer calculator

Create a very simple four function integer calculator with buttons for Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide, and with two text-type input fields. When the user enters two numbe

What additional information concerning the application

What class of polymers (thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers) might be most appropriate? What particular polymer might you first consider? What additional information conc

What are some of the reasons for our inability

There are many situations in which we cannot determine exactly what will happen, but we can predict what will happen. What are some of the reasons for our inability to deter

Introduction to programming

Many financial experts advise that property owners should insure their homes or buildings for at least 80 percent of the amount it would cost to replace the structure.  D

Question regarding the business law analysis

In the basic negligence rule that everyone must take "reasonable care" to avoid injury to others, reasonable care can vary with time and place and with the relationship betw

Creating a presentation on how to make a certain recipe

Develop a 4- to 5-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the components and features in the following list (at a minimum). Use the content from your Word assignment to de

Simple eigenvalue of a diagonalizable matrix

Let be a simple eigenvalue of a diagonalizable matrix with right and left eigenvectors and , and let be the corresponding eigenvalue of the matrix . Show that to first order


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