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Suppose you are creating a hashing function to use for storing string data in a hashtable. One candidate hashing function would be to sum the ASCII or Unicode values for each character, and use that result as the hashcode. Describe one potential pitfall to using this  algorithm as a hashing function for string data.

Reference no: EM132281013

Describe a file system

Theory-long answer question. Describe how a file system could be implemented using a collection of inodes and some variant of a B tree. 500-1000 words. Be sure to conside

Advantages and disadvantages of broadcasting the ssid

The access point (AP) may be configured to broadcast or not to broadcast the SSID (Service Set Identifier). Determine the advantages and disadvantages of broadcasting the SSID

How many register window should be saved to memory as result

Assume two more calls are made after the maximum value from part (a) is reached. How many register windows must be saved to memory as a result?

Create a bcg matrix for jetblue airways

Create a BCG Matrix for JetBlue Airways. Recommend speci?c strategies and long-term objectives. Show how much your recommendations will cost. Clearly itemize these costs for

Documents containing underlined phrases

Online documents containing underlined phrases or icons that a user can click in order to move immediately to related parts of the current document or to other documents wit

What is a reasonable lifetime to use for the keys ka and why

For the protocol in Section 173, how might an attacker be able to learn KA before it times out? What bad things would the attacker be able to do with that knowledge? What ba

Identify and briefly describe four types of b2b web sites

What business functions are performed by e-procurement software? Why might an organization attempt to build its own e-procurement software rather than use existing software

Determine the output displayed when the button is clicked

Determine the output displayed when the button is clicked. Assume the five lines of the file Dates.txt contain the numbers 1492, 1776, 1812, 1929, and 1941 and the file is i


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