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Suppose you are creating a hashing function to use for storing string data in a hashtable. One candidate hashing function would be to sum the ASCII or Unicode values for each character, and use that result as the hashcode. Describe one potential pitfall to using this  algorithm as a hashing function for string data.

Reference no: EM132281013

Develop a class for feasible-flow problems

Develop a class for feasible-flow problems that includes methods allowing clients to set supply-demand values and to check that flow values are properly related at each vert

Does a log transformation improve this relationship

There appears to be curvature in the signal strength-distance relationship. Does a log transformation improve this relationship, i.e., make it linear? Note that the signals

Problem regarding the genetic counseling

Explain Tay-Sachs disease. Imagine you are a genetic counselor working with a couple who have just had a child who is suffering from Tay-Sachs disease. Neither parent has be

Demonstrate all the web techniques learned

Final Website This Application gives you an opportunity to test what you have learned about accessibility on the web and apply it to your own website. Building on what you

Explaining initial values of cache tags and cache lines

Assuming that the initial values of the cache tags and the cache lines are completely arbitrary, Also, show how the cache tags will change for each of the above steps. You sho

Identify at least 2 saas providers that can provide services

The presentation to the executive leadership went well, and the chief information officer (CIO) is looking to you again. He wants to start small and look at basic informatio

Free presentation software

1. Create and save a document named Free PresentationSoftware.pdf 2. Use the document formatting outlined in the syllabus and create a heading called Free Presentation Softwar

Find the thermal efficiency

Determine the total exergy destruction associated with the Diesel cycle described in Problem 9-46, assuming a source temperature of 2000 K and a sink temperature of 300 K. A


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