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Suppose you are creating a hashing function to use for storing string data in a hashtable. One candidate hashing function would be to sum the ASCII or Unicode values for each character, and use that result as the hashcode. Describe one potential pitfall to using this  algorithm as a hashing function for string data.

Reference no: EM132281013

Calculate and display the total rainfall for the year

Rainfall Statistics Modification Modify the Rainfall Statistics program you wrote for Programming Challenge 2 of Chapter 7. The program should display a list of months, sort

Find information about software requirements and analysis

3 paragraphs, Use the library and Internet to find information about software requirements and analysis. One of the biggest challenges in the requirements gathering process is

Create a network diagram illustrating the solutions

Write a cumulative 4- to 5-page paper (not including any diagrams or charts) incorporating your prior work. Solve the design problems of your organization. Create a network

What must jack earn in the fifth month

During the first four months of the year, Jack earned $1320, $800, $1340, and $530. If Jack must have an average salary of at least $960 in order to earn retirement benefits

How would you go about fulfilling this responsibility

As a second-year teacher at a lowly rated inner-city elementary school, you have been asked to form and lead a three-person committee to define and obtain funding for an Ed-

The game of nim is played with a collection of piles of stic

The game of Nim is played with a collection of piles of sticks. In one move a player may remove any nonzero number of sticks from a single pile. The players alternately take

Perform the following actions to test your application

Press the Exit button. The Exit button doesn't stop the application but instead deletes all tests from outForChecking and inserts them in submittedTests and displays a list

New information technology infrastructure

Describe Google and Amazon's new information technology infrastructure. What is the relationship between this new infrastructure and the global, Web-based platform? Explain


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