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1) Market research can provide guidance in many different aspects including needed/unwanted features, usability, design, and many other useful and necessary information. In order to gain ideas and knowledge of what other players in the industry are doing, perform market research for your final project for weight tracking apps for Forever Fitness. Research the app stores and desktop applications that are designed for users wanting to track their weight loss progress. If possible, download multiple apps, explore and use them, and provide what you liked/disliked about the app. Provide features used in each app and the overall usability of the app.

NOTE: The answer should between 250mto 350 words and should not contain plagiarism.

Reference no: EM131215099

Prevent the computer intrusion described in case

1. What should the Connecticut Company have done to prevent the computer intrusion described in this case? What should it have done to detect this computer intrusion?

Career portfolio development

At this point, you are going to prepare for potential interviews. For this assignment, research common interview questions for IT career opportunities, and post your opinion

Java source code listing

Java class files for all parts and a short report (word document) the report should include details of: 1.Input 2.output 3.Problem analysis and Algorithm design 4.Variables

Rewrite the script using vectors and array operations

If you run this script for larger and larger values of n, you will find that the output approaches a well-known limit. Can you figure out what it is? Now rewrite the script

Examples of companies successfully a data warehouse

1. Provide an overview that addresses the following: a. Explain the and current trends of and data mining. b. Provide examples of companies successfully a data warehouse to su

Varying levels of advertising in the two different media

Poolvac wants to estimate the impact on the sales (# of units sold) of varying levels of advertising in the two different media (TV and Radio). Therefore, your group has req

Is security mechanisms and practices

Organizations around the world often assess their IS security mechanisms and practices by using the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC) or Information Technolo

Calculate overall cost including installation-configuration

Calculate the overall cost, including installation, configuration, maintenance, ISP, and miscellaneous costs. Do not consider depreciation in the cost computation.


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