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A room has n computers, less than half of which are damaged, others are good. It is possible to query a computer about the status of any computer. A damaged computer could give wrong answers. The goal is to discover a good computer in as few queries as possible.

Reference no: EM132281058

Administration at a remote satellite office

The desktop administration at a remote satellite office called you to let you know that after the installation of Windows, he noticed that the FLIP 3D is not working. Of cou

Wants to design a decision support system

The owner of a hardware store wants to design a decision support system to predict how many and which type of nails she should sell and what information she needs to do so.

Calculate the totals for each of the resources and expenses

Using Column F, calculate the totals for each of the resources and expenses. Label the column appropriately. Format the total values with an accounting style and two dec

How might denormalization improve performance

Developers denormalize the design,for performance reasons. How might denormalization improve performance? Remember to provide a small sample at least five tables with sample i

Perfect cube and the length

A room is a perfect cube and the length of each side of the walls is 345cm. You are trying to paint 4 sides and the ceiling of this room with a 25.0 fl.oz. can of paint. If

Aspects of information security risk management

What are the critical considerations when dismissing an employee? Do these change according to whether the departure is friendly or hostile, or according to which position

Football stadium that seats a maximum

Goliath State University (GSU) has a football stadium that seats a maximum of 80,000 fansand is sold out for every home game. The price of a ticket to attend a GSU football

A project plan powerpoint presentation

This assignment consists of four(4) sections: a written project plan, a revised business requirements document, a project plan PowerPoint presentation, and the finalized pro


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