Give the difference between primary and tertiary structures

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You are a scientist working on a large protein (500 amino acids long) you have genetically engineered the protein in in such a way as to replace a single hydrophobic amino acid with a negatively charged amino acid. How might this substitution alter the primary and the tertiary structure of the protein? How will the nutritional value of the protein change? Make sure you explain the difference between primary and tertiary structures?

Reference no: EM1339280

Window into the psychology of children

How is a documentary like "Waiting for Superman" a window into the psychology of children? Although this is a film mostly about the public education system in this country,

Describe what is happening at the cellular-molecular level

If we add 100 ul of 0.5 mg/ml ConA and 100 ul of 1 M mannose to 800 ul of a dilute suspension of red blood cells in ConA buffer, what should we expect to happen?  Explain wh

Major mechanism involved in regulation of cardiac performane

Explain why at very low and very high heart rates, the heart is unable to pump adequate amount of blood and explain the major mechanisms involved in regulation of cardiac perf

Why do angiosperms have evolved colorful flowers

Why do you think the haploid part of the plant cycle has evolved to be short and microscopic in seed?plants in comparison to the conspicuous gametophytes common in liverwort

Three popular training systems

Critically analyze the following three popular training systems: bigger, faster, stronger (BFS); crossfit; and high intensity training (HIT). How do they compare to the seve

Calculate the client target heart rate

Design a 12-week periodized training program for the client described in the Client Profile. Be very specific as you design the training program. This is an opportunity for

What are components of a specific emotion like love or fear

What are the components of a specific emotion like love or fear? What are the advantages of an emotion like love or fear? Cockroaches may lack emotions yet they manage to re

What do you suppose is the chemical basis

At a beuty salon one might request a "permanent" to alter the shape of ones hair which is chiefly composed of fibrous proteins known as keratins. to increase the waves or cu


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