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Your task is to explain how the situation in the article relates to a topic in this course. For example, an article might discuss how a company is gathering or using marketing intelligence. Your assignment would outline what the company is reportedly doing and then relate this to the course content on marketing intelligence. Your assignment could potentially explain why the company is doing this in a particular way, based on the course content, and how what the company is doing is similar to, or different to, the material presented in lectures

 No credit will be given for description or repetition of the articleWe will not mark any more than 400 words (10% over). The assignment may be written in short answer and repeating or describing what is in the article.

An illustrative example assignment is available; we will put this on the portal.

Please note there are two different sets of articles for this assignment - one for the first part of the course and one for the second part of the course. Please make sure you choose an article from assignment 1 set for the first one and an article from assignment 2 set for the second one. Assignment 1 articles are usually deleted when assignment 2 articles become available.

Reference no: EM13940847

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