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The manager of the Gander Mountain store in Frogtown, IL, believes that his prices for ammunition are lower than the prices of his primary competitor in the hunting equipment market, Cabela's. He would like to be able to provide evidence to support this assertion.

• What are the Gander Mountain manager's null and alternative hypotheses?

• How should he go about taking samples to gather data for testing the hypotheses?

• What statistical test should he use to test his hypothesis, using the data he has collected?

Reference no: EM1394995

Population mean of waiting times

Assume that waiting times are approximately normally distributed. Construct a 98% confidence interval for the population mean of waiting times.

Reject the hypothesis that mean reading scores

At the 5% significance level, can the researcher reject the hypothesis that the mean reading scores of all children in the three school systems is the same ? Formulate and t

Qualitative and quantitative data collection planning

You have been asked to help plan a data collection process to answer the two problem areas. Briefly outline a plan to: Collect qualitative data about how the current services

Formulate and test the appropriate hypotheses

At the 1% significance level, can it be concluded that the current distribution of responses differs from that of a year ago ?? Formulate and test the appropriate hypotheses

Probability that the components of machine will fail

(A) What is the probability that none of the components will fail ??? (B) What is the probability that at least one component will fail ???

Construct a frequency distribution with ten classes

Use this information to find the upper and lower limits of the first class if you wish to construct a frequency distribution with 10 classes.

What do confidence intervals represent

What do confidence intervals represent? What is the most controllable method of increasing the precision of or narrowing the confidence interval

Performing a two-way anova with replication

When performing a 2-way ANOVA with replication you must first: A) Perform an interaction hypothesis test B) Take out the error because you ran replicates and error makes no se


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