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Write a function named fcheck() that checks whether a file exists. The function should accept an ifstream object as a formal reference parameter. If the file exists, the function should return a value of 1; otherwise, the function should return a value of 0.

Reference no: EM131398906

C++ program that prompts the user to type in an integer

Run your program four times. The first time you run the program, enter a valid integer number; the second time, enter a double-precision number; the third time, enter a char

Program that counts the number of words in a string

Write a C++ program that counts the number of words in a string. A word is encountered whenever a transition from a blank space to a nonblank character is encountered. The s

Why the compiler returns the error messages that it does.

(Debug) Remove the public access from the RoomType function declarations in Program 10.4 and compile the program. Determine why the compiler returns the error messages that

How do you think the behavior is activated in c++

The attributes of a class represent how objects of the class appear to the outside world. The behavior represents how an object of a class reacts to an external stimulus. Gi

Write a c++ program that has a time class and an ltime class

For the Time class, include a conversion operator function named Ltime() that converts a Time object to an Ltime object. For the Ltime class, include a conversion operator f

Create a base class named point consisting of x and y

Include the classes constructed for Exercise 5a in a working C++ program. Have your program call all the member functions in each class. In addition, call the base class dis

Derive a class named cylinder from the circle class

Include the class written for Exercise 1a in a working C++ program that creates and displays the values of two Cartesian objects; the second object is assigned the values of

Define an array of 10 pointers to double-precision numbers

Next, have your program sum the numbers and store the result in a pointer-accessed location. Finally, have your program display the contents of all locations, again using po


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