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Write a function named fcheck() that checks whether a file exists. The function should accept an ifstream object as a formal reference parameter. If the file exists, the function should return a value of 1; otherwise, the function should return a value of 0.

Reference no: EM131398906

Adobe connect technology within the course area

Based on the topic and outline from previous units, you will make a formal oral presentation to your instructor and peers. You will be required to present for 10-12 minutes

What percent of employees are absent on any given day

Absenteeism. A company's records indicate that on any given day about 1% of their day-shift employees and 2% of the night-shift employees will miss work. Sixty percent of th

Importance of tying the process to training

What are some of the ways Line managers and HR managers can work to ensure that the process is fair and balance. Include concepts/content from your text to support your argu

Equation to model the problem

Write an equation to model the problem. Let t represent the number of years after 2003. Also, let your equation be in the form "expression - expression = expression".

Knowledge management systems important-modern organization

Describe in scholarly detail why knowledge management systems would be so important to a modern organization where the organization would initiate.

Winter and spring and displays the total

Write a visual logic program for an application that allows a user to enter the cost of home maintenance in each of the four seasons summer, fall, winter and spring and displa

Provide a rationale for each recommendation

As the primary Technical Writer, you have been asked to consider building a blog within the client's new website. Your boss has asked you to write about corporate blogging,

What iq score do you need to be considered a genius

Mensa. People with z-scores above 2.5 on an IQ test are sometimes classified as geniuses. If IQ scores have a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 16 points, what IQ scor


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