Free-market capitalism needs democracy

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1. Explain the techniques for bringing about culture change in organizations.

2. Free-market capitalism needs democracy, but democracy does not need free-market capitalism. Do you agree, explain why?

3. Global products rely on a standardized base to which local adaptations can be added. As consumers continue to demand increasingly more customized products, global products might not be able to meet consumer product expectations. What do you think? Explain your points.

Reference no: EM132233827

Describe the method in which ge has grown the organization

Using the Ansoff matrix, describe the method in which GE has grown the organization? What were the drivers for growing in this manner? Which of the three types of corporate pa

Describe how the emerging concept of the triple bottom line

Summarize the following theories: just in time (JIT), Toyota Production System (TPS), and Lean. How are these concepts related? Describe the advantages and disadvantages for

Utilization review and access

Utilization Review and Access As utilization review techniques are implemented by MCOs, how has this had an impact on patients being able to access the care they need? What ar

Charge of developing an organization business plan

Suppose you were invited to join a team in charge of developing an organization’s Business Plan. Explain the strengths that you personally would bring to the team. Provide a r

How does change management link to meeting strategic goals

In a fast-paced work environment, technology and processes are constantly changing. What challenges have you faced on the job related to organizational change? How did you han

Maximizing the weekly profit contribution

Formulate and solve a LP useful in maximizing the weekly profit contribution. Determine the optimal schedule, i.e. production levels of the two products, assembly labor used

What standard of good faith would apply

Penny purchased $3,000 worth of furniture from Bob's Furniture Shop. Through an arrangement with Bob, Penny financed the purchase through a financing company called Let Us Hel

Venture capitalists seek to maximize economic returns

Venture capitalists seek to maximize economic returns. Considering all the risks in the development or expansion of business ventures, how do venture capitalists make money? H


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