Free cash-flow valuations

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Free Cash-Flow Valuations

 Please respond to the following:

--Create an argument that use of the present value free cash-flow method has a more beneficial economic meaning than earnings-based methods. Provide support for your argument.

--Assess the challenges related to using the present value of the free cash-flow valuation method in practice, suggesting how each of these challenges may be overcome. Provide support for your rationale. [350 words -- 1-2 references]

Negative Cash Flow

 Please respond to the following:

--Assess how the free cash-flow method can be used when a company is profitable yet the cash-flow values are expected to be negative over the next five years, indicating the likely impact on the valuation. Provide support for your rationale.

--Assess which cash-flow variables are the most sensitive to change and the likely impact on a firm's valuation. Provide support for your answer. [350 words -- 1-2 references]

Reference no: EM13761434

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