Formulate a continuous component model

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Formulate a continuous component model for xylene isomerisation. (Xylene is known to have three distinct isomers: ortho-, meta- and paraxylene and the transition between them is usually described by the triangle reaction, cf. Aly eta/. (1965).)

Reference no: EM131175430

Estimate the external gas-to-particle mass-transfer

At a location in the bed where the pressure is 653.3kPa, the temperature is 21°C, the gas flow rate is 1.327 kg/min, and the dew-point temperature is 11.2oC, estimate the ex

Determine the reactive power of the motor

A three-phase, wye-connected, cylindrical-rotor, synchronous motor, with negligible armature resistance and a synchronous reactance of 1.27 Ω per phase, is connected in para

How many gram-moles of no2 are in the vessel at 473 k

The equilibrium constant should vary with temperature according to the relation Kp = ae-b/T use the results of part (b) to determine the values of a and b by a graphical cur

What is the expected value of claims per policy

The typical payment for a major accident claim is £4500, for a minor accident claim is £800, and for theft £4000. The probability that a policyholder makes more than one cla

Determine the pressure and the concentration of co2

The above stream is flashed isothermally to a pressure such that the vapor contains 90% carbon dioxide. Determine the pressure and the concentration of CO2 in the liquid.

Rate of corporate income tax

Assume the plant is built at time zero and begins operation at full rate in year 1. Assume the rate of corporate income tax is 35% and taxes must be paid based on the previo

What is the maximum temperature level

Assuming that there is plenty of cooling water available at 273.15 K (O°C), what is the maximum temperature level at which heat in the amount of 2000 kJ can be made availabl

Fresh rainwater or surface water

Fresh rainwater or surface water contains enough tritium ( ) to show 5.5 decay events per minute per 100. g of water. Tritium has a half-life of 12.3 years. You are asked to


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