Formula for the minimum number of cuts

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Cutting a stick, A stick n inches long needs to be cut into n 1-inch pieces. Outline an algorithm that performs this task with the minimum number of cuts if several pieces of the stick can be cut at the same time. Also give a formula for the minimum number of cuts.

Reference no: EM131102367

Unique employee number-employee name

A zookeeper has a unique employee number, employee name, title, and year hired. Some zookeepers supervise other zookeepers. Every animal has been cared for by at least one a

What are the implications of this extension

How could this objective function be modified to preserve the statistical dependence between the outputs of networks α and b, yet include regularization in the objective fun

Develop a program that will allow the district sales manager

You have been asked to develop a program that will allow the district sales manager to input each of the dealership's ID along with their four quarterly sales volumes for th

Determine if d can correctly decide whether cv is a virus

In the preceding program, infect-executable is a module that scans memory for executable programs and replicates itself in those programs. Determine if D can correctly decid

What are the common activities conducted

What are the common activities conducted during construction phase in the software development life cycle? What quality control measures are taken during construction phase?

What is the maximum amplitude of the resulting displacement

The right end of a 6-m-long wire, which is stretched until the wave speed is 60 m/s, is continually moved with the displacement 0.5 cos 4πt. What is the maximum amplitude of

Determining the beta of the company

A company uses 2 things to finance the capital budget. Company estimates that the WACC is 15%. The capital structure is 75% debt and 25% internal equity. Before tax cost of

Exploring oop and its data structures

Object-oriented programming has been adopted widely because of its capability to reuse code. Most application development software provides class libraries and extensive sup


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