Formal structuring of data

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Formal Structuring of Data

In this research assessment, you will scrutinize, interpret, and evaluate secondary data. To accomplish this, you will select a research study using three credible sources and perform the following tasks:

  • Identify the data collection methods used in that research.
  • Analyze that data, evaluate its validity, and then draw conclusions from it in the form of a summary.
  • Identify the pros and cons of that authors' research model.

Submission Requirements:

  • Submit your responses in a Microsoft Word document of the following specifications:
    • Font: Arial; 12-Point
    • Line Spacing: Double
    • Length: 1 page minimum
  • Include an APA title page. Refer to the sample APA title page given in the handout titled "APA Title Page Format" at the end of the study guide.
  • Cite all the sources in APA format in-text and on the References List page.

Reference no: EM131063787

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