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Q1) Flowchart a program by MS Viso, using conventions presented in the text, that will prompt user to input a name and the number of credit hours taken towards their degree. Your program will calculate that number as a percentage of the total 65 hour degree. Out in a module, print a report header that lists the name of the school then return to the main logic to output a sentence that includes the users name and the percentage of completion towards a degree. Your program must declare all variables and use proper variable naming conventions.

Reference no: EM1348035

Discuss how server virtualization

From the e-Activity, discuss how server virtualization, architecture, and Hyper-V can create advantages and efficiencies for an enterprise, including considerations for how to

Requirements analysis phase answers the question

The requirements analysis phase answers the question, "What does the user need and want from a new system?" The requirements analysis phase is critical to the success of any

Critical to the conduct and results of hrp

Why are decisions about job categories and levels so critical to the conduct and results of HRP? Within the process of human resource planning (HRP), what part do job categ

Find final contents of cache using direct-mapped cache

Suppose direct-mapped cache with 16 one-word blocks that is initially empty, label each reference in list as hit or miss and find final contents of the cache.

Safeguards against unreasonable searches and seizures

In this assignment, you need to work on the Fourth Amendment. Before starting on the assignment, make sure that you read about the Fourth Amendment and understand the nature/f

Analyzing and computer security

Suppose four other parties, whom we might call E, F, G, and H, are all working on a common task, so they use one encryption key for all communication. Now, suppose H leaves

Ospf messages and icmp messages are directly encapsulated

OSPF messages and ICMP messages are directly encapsulated in an IP data- gram. If we intercept an IP datagram, how can we tell whether the payload belongs to OSPF or ICMP?

Wireless telecommunication networks

Mobile entertainment is consider as any type of leisure activity that utilizes wireless telecommunication networks, interacts with service providers, and also incurs a cost


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