Find the values of gm and a0 obtained

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A CS amplifier utilizes an NMOS transistor with L = 0.36 μm and W/L =8. It was fabricated in a 0.18-μm CMOS process for which μnCox = 400 μA/V2 and V1A = 5 V/μm. Find the values of gm and A0 obtained at ID =25 μA, 250 μA, and 2.5 mA.

Reference no: EM131018110

Calculate the initial investment and the annual cash flow

In early 1980s Alexandria Chemical Products started as a small firm between two friends to produce detergent products. If you were Mr. Ali, the financial director, what are th

Discuss assets of additively in context of iasb framework

With reference to the above statementdescribewhat you understand by the term asset and how they are measured. Discuss assets and the problem of additively in the context of th

Transactions related to revenue and cash receipts completed

Prepare a single-column revenue journal and a cash receipts journal to record these transactions. Use the following column headings for the cash receipts journal: Fees Earned

Which products should be processed beyond split-off point

Each product may be sold at the split-off point or processed further. Joint production costs of $95,000 per year are allocated to the products based on the relative number o

Tax consequences of the refund

What are the tax consequences of the refund? Explain in terms of the concepts presented in the chapter. How would your answer change if Tim's actual state income tax is $4,9

What is the net cash provided by operating activities

Would a sale of equipment for cash be considered a financing activity or an investing activity? Why? What is the difference between net cash provided by operating activities a

What opportunities does chris have for committing fraud

What opportunities does Chris have for committing fraud? What are some rationalizations that Chris might have to excuse committing fraud? What are some of the symptoms suggest

Discuss differences between the three approaches to quality

Discuss the differences and similarities between these three approaches to quality. Examine whether the three approaches can be used independently or in combination with eac


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