Find the subnet prefix of that address

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A host has been assigned the following IP address and mask: /20. Find the subnet prefix of that address.

Reference no: EM132200944

The two octets following the address fields

NICs can tell whether an arriving frame is tagged or not simply by looking at it. How can they do so? (Hint: They look at the value in the two octets following the addres

How many ticks does it take to settle down

In the Game of Life, can you construct a glider gun of glider emission period 15? Period 20? Save your configurations as buttons in the Life model in the NetLogo models libr

Find the density function for the lifetime of the machine

A machine breaks when N shocks have been received. If the shocks occur at times which form a Poisson process with parameter λ, find the density function for the lifetime of

The information security officer at a medium-sized company

The CIO asks you to explain why you believe it is important to secure the Windows and Unix/Linux servers from known shortcomings and vulnerabilities. Explain to your CIO wha

Calculate the strain the charge and the capacitance

The force acting on it is 5 N. The charge sensitivity of the crystal is 150 PC/N, its permitivity 12.5 x 10-9 F/m. If the modulus of elasticity of the crystal is 12 x106 N/m2,

Analyze the use of gestures in ipads

Analyze the use of gestures in iPads. Address how users feel about gestures and evaluate how users feel about the user input when it comes to filling out complicated forms on

Would an erp strategy work well for personal trainer

Would an ERP strategy work well for Personal Trainer? Investigate ERP strategiesand products available from Internet vendors and submit a recommendation basedon your researc

When you would consider utilizing animations in presentation

Specify two examples of when you would consider utilizing animations in a PowerPoint presentation. Additionally, classify one instance in which you believe animation can be


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