Find the pull that must be exerted by the spring

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Figure E12.1.1 can also be considered as a simple model of a magnetically operated relay that is commonly used for the automatic control and protection of electric equipment. Consider the core and armature (shown as "Bar" in Figure E12.1.1) of the relay to be constructed out of infinitely permeable magnetic material. The core has a circular cross section and is 1.25 cm in diameter, while the armature has a rectangular cross section. The armature is so supported that the two air gaps are always equal and of uniform length over their areas. A spring (not shown in the figure), whose force opposes the magnetic pull, restrains the motion of the armature. If the operating coil has 1800 turns carrying a current of 1 A, and the gaps are set at 0.125 cm each, find the pull that must be exerted by the spring. You may neglect leakage and fringing.


Reference no: EM131115187

Indium antimonide is a semiconductor

Indium antimonide (InSb) is a semiconductor with a narrow band gap of 0.17eV and an intrinsic carrier concentration of 2×1016cm-3. The mobility of electrons in InSb is 78000 c

Identify this equation with that of an rc circuit

Consider the analogy between electrical and hydraulic systems given in Table 1.5.2. Obtain the mass balance equation by equating the rate of change of fluid volume to the ne

Draw and label a flow chart the process

draw and label a flow chart the process. In addition to the process provided in the above flow sheet, Additional variables and relationships are defined. They are shown sepa

How much heat per hour is extracted from the steam

Steam at 100°C is passed into a condenser at a rate of 500 kg/h and leaves as water at 60°C. If the condenser is supplied with cooling water which enters at 20°C and leaves

Calculate the solubility of pnf2 in water

The fictitious compound, pandemonium fluoride (PnF2) has a Ksp value in water of 3.091×10-9M3 at room temperature. Calculate the solubility of PnF2 in water. Express your answ

Construct the ipr curve by assuming aconstant j

A well is producing from a saturated oilreservoir with an average reservoir pressureof 3000 psig. Stabilized flow test dataindicates that the well is capable of producing400

Nuclear synthesis of this cobalt isotope

Radioactive cobalt-60 is used to study defects in vitamin B12 absorption because cobalt is the metallic atom at the center of the vitamin B12 molecule. The nuclear synthesis

Determining the conversion of the reactant

If the feed quality is changed to 80 mol% vapour, the change in the slope of the q-line isA homogeneous reaction (R ® P) occurs in a batch reactor. The conversion of the rea


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