Find the dimensions of the cup

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The Universal Paper Product Company makes cone-shaped drinking cups. The height of each cup is 6 centimeters more than the radius. If the volume of each cup is 27π cubic centimeters, find the dimensions of the cup

Reference no: EM131338961

Find the dimensions of the new box

The It's A Snap Puzzle Company is designing new boxes for their 2000 piece 3-D puzzles. The old box measured 25 centimeters by 30 centimeters by 5 centimeters. For the new b

Find the dimensions of the new container

The specifications for a new cardboard container require that the width for the container be 4 inches less than the length and the height be 1 inch less than twice the lengt

What is the average rate of return on anna’s investments

Investments Instead of investing in the stock market, many people invest in collectibles, like baseball cards. Each year, Anna uses some of the money she receives for her bi

Did the attendance for 1998 follow your model

In 1998, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa raced to break the homerun record. That year the attendance reached 70.6 million. Did the attendance for 1998 follow your model? Do you

How many degrees does this neutron star rotate in a second

Astronomy On January 28, 1998, an x-ray satellite spotted a neutron star that spins at a rate of 62 times per second. Through how many degrees does this neutron star rotate

Find the index of refraction for lucite

Suppose a ray of light passes from air to Lucite. The measure of the angle of incidence is 45°, and the measure of an angle of refraction is 27° 55. Use Snell's Law, which i

Which city has greater change in the angle of inclination

The latitude of Brownsville, Texas, is 26°. Find the angle of inclination for Brownsville on the first day of summer (day 172) and on the first day of winter (day 355).

Describe the distances along the latitudes

The distance around Earth along a given latitude can be found using the formula C = 2πr cos L, where r is the radius of Earth and L is the latitude. The radius of Earth is a


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