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Write a report on the given topic "Identifying and resolving the problems and conflicts between multi-culture employees in adam couture"


Challenges and communicational issues arise between multicultural employees and to assess as to why and what is the reason behind these challenges there was a detailed analysis that was conducted on Adams Couture to find out the real reason behind the challenges and issues. By taking into account Griffith's model in association with implying it on Adams Couture, the report showcases that geographical distance is not the reason as to why multicultural issues come up but the endurance and trust in the relationships; also the historical issues have more effect on it.


1. Organization Description

1.1 Investigation and Problem / Project Definition

1.2 Statement of the Problem

1.3 Purpose/Objective of the Research Study

1.4 Arrangement and Approach of the Study


2. Background

21 Multicultural communication

2.2 Culture

2.3 Globalization


3. Research Methodology

3.1 Methodology of Research

  • Model for Multicultural Communication Effectiveness
  • Communication Capabilities:
  • Cognitive Communication Competence
  • Behavioral Communication Competence
  • Affective Communication Competence
  • Communication Environment
  • Communication Interface
  • Cultural Interface
  • Relational Quality
  • Belief and Obligation
  • Performance Efficiency

3.2 Research Question

3.3  What are the particular areas of business communication that create communicational challenges and issues in Adam's Couture when they operate cross culturally?

3.4 How can the specific communicational challenges be resolved to enhance the organizational performance in the fashion industry?

3.5 Development of Methodology


4. Analysis and Design

4.1 Selection of study design

4.2 Collection of data

4.3 Selection of Data

4.4 Analysis of the Data

4.5 Geographical distance analysis

4.6 Communication and Culture


5.1     Implementation


6.1     Conclusion and Future Work

Academic requirements:

• Your work must be submitted as 6000 words.

• Report declaration must be completed.

• Your work should be submitted in the formats outlined for each question in the assignment.

• The entire assignment brief and completed front sheet must accompany your work.

• Provide a biblography list.

Reference no: EM131148085

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