Find expressions for ad and vos in terms

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An NMOS differential amplifier for which the MOSFETs have a transconductance parameter kn and whose drain esistances RD have a mismatch ? RD is biased with a current I.

(a) Find expressions for Ad and VOS in terms of kn, RD, ?RD/RD, and I. Use these expressions to relate VOS andAd.

(b) If kn = 4 mA/V2, RD = 10 kΩ, and ? RD/RD = 0.02, find the maximum gain realized if VOS is to be limited to 1 mV, 2 mV, 3 mV, 4 mV, and 5 mV. For each case, give the value of the required bias current I. Note the trade-off between gain and offset voltage.

Reference no: EM131018049

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Both Mr. Jones and Mrs. Green earned $50,000 gross in 2009. Yet, Mr. Jones owed IRS $600 on his tax return while the IRS owed Mrs. Green $600 on her tax return.


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