Find degrees of freedom for a one-sample -statistic

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You randomly choose 16 unfurnished one-bedroom apartments from a large number of advertisements in your local newspaper. You calculate that their mean monthly rent is $613 and their standard deviation is $96. What are the degrees of freedom for a one-sample -statistic?

Reference no: EM13113933

Draw diagrams of the environment in effect

Draw diagrams of the environment in effect when evaluating the expression in the procedure in the text, comparing how this will be structured when definitions are interprete

Proportion of applicants that fail the test

As a condition of employment, Fashion Industries applicants must pass a drug test. Of the last 220 applicants 14 failed the test. Develop a 99 percent confidence interval fo

Confidence levels and margin of error

The mayor of a small town would like to know whether a local bond issue is likely to pass or not. He mails a survey to 500 randomly selected voters.

Calculate the mean median and mode of the los of patients

Calculate the mean, median, and mode of the LOS of patients seen by each physician. Calculate the variance and standard deviation of LOS by each physician (round to two decima

Lower-level managerial personnel

The following data represent a random sample of end-of-year bonuses for the lower-level managerial personnel employed by a large ?rm. Bonuses are expressed in percentage of

What is the lottery-s expected profit per ticket

4 prizes of $350, & 1 prize of $1000. Assume that 15,000 lottery tickets are issued and sold for $1.00. What is the lottery's expected profit per ticket?

Determine the tolerances for the assembly thickness

The specifications for the thickness of each plate are 3± 0.2 cm. Assuming the weld thickness to be negligible, determine the tolerances for the assembly thickness.

Hypothesis testing for population temperature

In order to monitor the ecological health of the Florida Everglades, various measurements are recorded at different times. The bottom temperatures are recorded at the Garfie


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