Find a schedule that maximizes the profit

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You are given n events where each takes one unit of time. Event i will provide a profit of gi dollars (gi > 0) if started at or before time ti, where ti is an arbitrary real number. (Note: If an event is not started by ti then there is no benefit in scheduling it at all. All events can start as early as time 0.) Given the most efficient algorithm you can to find a schedule that maximizes the profit

Reference no: EM131227701

Work with dictionary and create relational database

In this lab, you will prepare a Data Dictionary based on the list of elements. Also, your task will be determined the tables, their relationships, primary and foreign keys.

Determining the possible threats to network

To help the university personnel understand the possible threats to a network, prepare a PowerPoint presentation describing the most current and dangerous threats to a netwo

How are the novel''s fundamental thoughts

How are the novel's fundamental thoughts [e.g. the risks of a totalitarian society] investigated through the extreme connections depicted in the novel? How would they empower

Describe the experiments needed to evaluate the design

Describe the experiments needed to evaluate the design alternatives. Give both a full factorial design and simple design. These experiments could be conducted on a simulation

Find the temperature of the second bath

When a hot object is placed in a water bath whose temperature is 25°C, it cools from 100°C to 50°C in 150s. In another bath, the same cooling occurs in 130s. Find the temper

Turning your erd into a functioning databas

After you have developed and designed your ERD you are ready for the next step, which is turning your ERD into a functioning database. The first step for this is establishin

Which of the following can be valid host id

Your router has the following IP address on Ethernet0: Which of the following can be valid host IDs on the LAN interface attached to the router? 1

Example of an actual data warehouse

Find an example of an actual data warehouse. For this example, describe the content, purpose, user access methods, and sources of data (what on-line transaction processing [


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