Female farmers in an isolated rural community

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How can the same ICTs be used for multiple purposes? What steps are needed to use, say the Internet for meeting the educational and health needs of poor female farmers in an isolated rural community?

Reference no: EM13696099

Values conflict or constitute an ethical dilemma

Many situations can raise ethical concerns, particularly in the face of disagreement and conflict between parties. However, not all situations of an ethical nature result in v

Find strike and dip.

A distinctive sandstne bed crops out at three localities in a corner of the Edmundsville Quadrangle. Outcrops A and B are on the 340 m contour line, and point C is on the 280

Examine the evidence for and against

Examine the evidence for and against each of these perspectives, including the actual rate of overall, global population growth over the two centuries since Malthus. Which

How can the angle and temperature of the subducting plate

How can the angle and temperature of the subducting plate influence the composition of magma being generated? Explain how underplating can create magma of granitic composition

Identify the method of diagnosis for this disorder

Identify one disorder from each category listed below (one coagulation disorder, one circulatory disorder, etc). Then explain in 2-3 sentences: The changes that occur in th

Describe the volcano and its type

Choose a volcano found on other bodies of our solar system from the website below. Describe the volcano and its type, list its location and provide an example of a similar v

Give an argument using leibniz''s law

Q: Give an argument using Leibniz's Law for the dualist claim that mental states are distinct from physical states. Explain the notion of sameness and explain why the argument

What are the criteria that the supreme court has develope

what are the criteria that the Supreme Court has developed for responding to the problem set forth and how do those criteria fit the mission of the Supreme Court specifically


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