Female farmers in an isolated rural community

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How can the same ICTs be used for multiple purposes? What steps are needed to use, say the Internet for meeting the educational and health needs of poor female farmers in an isolated rural community?

Reference no: EM13696099

The effects of statistical information on ethnicity

Describe the effects that the statistical information on a specific race or ethnicity in the areas of health, crime, employment, or education may have in terms of being a pr

What is the clients role in counseling

Write a 750-1,000-word analysis of the case study using the theory you chose - What concepts of the theory make it the most appropriate for the client in the case study and wh

Provide your perceptions of hunger in america

In the US, food poverty and food insecurity are the prevailing forms of hunger. Define hunger, food poverty, and food insecurity. In addition, provide your perceptions of hu

Analyze the dual relationships presented

You are a professor at a local college. One of the students in your class is clearly distraught. You notice this and mention that you hope everything is okay. The student tell

What problems or barriers will she encounter and why

Jamie Lynn, a Health Educator for a small non-profit community organization, is in the process of designing and developing a health education program for her community. Afte

Worksite analysis program for ergonomics

What are the four main parts of OSHA's recommended worksite analysis program for ergonomics? Provide examples of some of the proposed requirements for the components. Explai

Physical and chemical weathering processes

A description of a land feature anywhere on Earth that has been sculpted by physical and chemical weathering processes and description of the particular processes that changed

Global health

The intevention mapping models.imagine that you are a health educator or other health profeeionals that is planning a prevention programs that relates to the Healthy People


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