Explaining the concept of web application development

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Answer the following questions and forma report:

P1    Explaining the Concept of Web Application Development    

P1.1    Critically Evaluate the Functions and Advantages of Web Applications    

P1.2    Differentiate between Various Types of Client Side and Server Side Scripting Languages    

P1.3    Argue About Security of Web Applications and Give Suggestions for Improvement    

P2.1    Design Web Application According To the Given Case Study    

P2.2    Describe How the Developed Web Application Incorporates Client Side and Server Side Functionalities    

P2.3    Screenshots of Backend And Front End Of Website    

P2.4    To Meet Given Requirement Evaluate Alternative Design For Website    

P3    Implementation of Web Application as Per Case Study    

P3.1    Implement Web Application for Sea Side South Park    

P3.2    Implement Web Enabled Database Management System for Sea Side South Park    

P3.3    Error Handling and Reporting Strategy For Given Website    

P4    Testing Of Given Web Application    

4.1    Critically Review And Test Web Application For Given Case Study Including Functionality Testing, Acceptance Testing, Compatibility, Functionality And Error Detection.    

4.2    Identify Actual Test Results against Expected Test Results (Including Test Plan and Findings)    

4.3    Critically Evaluate Independent Feedback and Recommendations for Improvements (Including Surveys, Questionnaires, Interviews Etc)    

4.4    User Documentation for Developed Web Application

Reference no: EM13904132

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