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Q1) Does Facebook and Google use same database system? Facebook seems to run with the android platform using gmail address to retain information for user such as phone numbers and contacts. I wonder if Google and Facebook is collaborating in database systems to intertwine with each other. Since FB isn't revealing there secret, and there are some similarities with Google and FB, would it make sense for the to be using similar database system?

Reference no: EM1349304

How long will it take before this value cycles

Assuming that the clock_t value returned by times() is an unsigned 32-bit integer, how long will it take before this value cycles so that it restarts at 0? Perform the same

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This course explored two of the most significant challenges HR professionals face in the twenty-first-century knowledge organization: functioning as change agents and suppor

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In the mythical man month by Frederick books he reexamined some of his suggestion in chapter 16 'No silver bullet' related to build vs buy, object oriented program and reus

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Childbirth, part 1. There is some concern that if a woman has an epidural to reduce pain during childbirth, the drug can get into the baby's bloodstream, making the baby sle

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The surface emissivity is ε = 0.8. What is the heat transfer rate from the steam line? Would applying a low emissivity coating (ε = 0.10) to the pipe exterior surface change

Write a program that will read in a file of student academic

Write a program that will read in a file of student academic credit data and create a list of students on academic warning. The list of students on warning will be written t

Operational platform preferences

Let's discuss the topic of industry standard operational platforms, PC versus MAC, Linux versus Windows, and lastly Oracle versus SQL Server. It's common for many individual

Explain how each regulation would apply to a tub grinder

The operator reached into the unguarded opening and at some point his right hand contacted the still rotating hammer mill of the tub grinder. At issue are whether the tub gr


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