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This case concerns potential discrimination of older staff. The company set new policies after the government privatized it and those policies would seem to be unfair and unequal. New employees who are graduates or non graduates have the opportunity to train into positions faster and with faster grade increases and salary increases. Those working for the company before the change, are stuck in the older system of grade and salary increases. For older staff, movement to other departments, divisions, or locations does not change this. Their experience and knowledge is also used to train the new hires under the new system. This is a conflict between management and older staff. It can potentially lead to other conflicts as well.

Prepare a presentation discussing laws and policies, problems and conflict, the "Developee" program (a four year contract between the company and its new employees), arguments for changing the policy and how managers and employees may feel in this case. Is there a solution of alternatives?

Reference no: EM1331459

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