Explain what the dock is and why it is useful

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For this assignment, you will be exploring the Mac OSX interface. In the process, you will learn the answers to the following questions. Think of this assignment as a scavenger hunt for Mac OSX useful features. If you do not have Mac computer available to you, do not worry. You will still be able to easily complete this assignment after completing the readings and viewing the presentation videos this week.

Answer each of these questions completely and submit your answers in a file named Lastname-U3-Scavenger Hunt.doc following the instructions below.

1.Contextual menus are available through the Mac OSX interface. What keys should you press to make the contextual menu appear?

2.To launch an application, you may begin typing the application name in the ____________ menu bar.

3. You may use Spotlight and Finder to find files on your computer. Let's say that you need to find all files you created as part of your CIS106 class. You know that you included "CIS106" in each file name, but you cannot remember all of the files or where you stored them. Describe how you might conduct that search on your Mac and what utility you would use.

4. Explain what the Dock is and why it is useful.

5. Discuss three of the system preferences you may customize when using a OSX, what settings you would use and why. (20 pts)

6.Describe automatic login and discuss how it impacts security on a computer system.

7. Describe a situation where you believe having the two OSX desktops would be helpful.

Reference no: EM13998120

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