Explain to the boss how good customer service

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4 page minimum. 200 words minimum per part. APA format. Strict deadline.

Part A: Needs assessment involves organization, person, and task analysis. Which one of these analyses do you believe is most important? Which is least important? Why?

Part B: Your boss says: "Why do I need to tell you what type of learning capability I'm interested in? I just want a training program to teach employees how to give good customer service. Explain to the boss how "good customer service" can be translated into different learning outcomes.

Part C: If you were going to use online technology to identify training needs for customer service representatives for a web-based clothing company, what steps would you take to ensure that the technology was not threatening to employees?

Part D: Customer service training involves far transfer. What design features would you include in a customer service training program to ensure that transfer of training occurred? What is a curriculum road map? Why is it important?

Reference no: EM131178783

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