Explain the operation of the device from a physics perspec

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Thermal Sensors for Extreme Environmental Conditions

Directions: Please answer the question and support your ideas, then respond to a minimum of two of your classmates.

Using the internet, find a thermal sensor for operation in some type of extreme environmental condition. You can do this by looking for a device used in a particular industry (oil and gas/petrochemical, for instance) or by looking for a device for a particular environmental condition (waterproof or explosion proof, for example). Explain the operation of the device from a physics perspective and discuss the main features or specifications. Explain how the packaging, assembly, or housing makes the device appropriate for the unique environmental conditions. Be sure to provide a link to the product page.

Reference no: EM13813757

At what value of mc will there be no exports

Increase MC from 100 to 200 and determine the impact on the cartel's Q, P, CS, PS, DWL, and export loss. What happens to each of these variables as MC rises? Be sure to clic

Overvalued relative to ppp

For your next foreign vacation, would it be better to go to a country whose currency is overvalued relative to PPP or one whose currency is undervalued relative to PPP (othe

Popular online electronic commerce site

Go to a popular online electronic commerce site like ebay.com. Place several items in your shopping cart, and then go to check out. When you reach the screen that asks for y

Application-request for proposal

As you have seen throughout this week, the requirements document is an important part of IT planning, regardless of the strategy you are going to employ. This week, you will

Write difference between logical and physical modeling

What is the difference between logical and physical modeling? Give three reasons why logical models are superior for structuring business requirements.

Create buttons to launch these procedurs

Create buttons to launch these procedures. Compare and contrast your different methods. Is one of these more efficient? Is one of them more realistic? In what situations wou

Complexity of performing operations on arrays

Discuss how the complexity of performing operations on arrays goes up when moving from one-dimensional to (square) two-dimensional arrays (linear to quadratic complexity).

Synthesis that relates to the types of raw materials

In this exercise you must create a program that deals with material information so as to calculate the supply need for raw materials and to organize( program ) the productio


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