Explain the main merit of the cpm index

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(a) Explain the main merit of the Cpm index. One line should be enough.

(b) Explain the main difference between short-term and long-term process capabilities. One line should be enough.

(c) What is the main difference between control limits and specification limits? One or two lines should be enough.

Reference no: EM13964392

Addition of pollutants does not affect amount of water flow

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to restrict the amount of pollutants added by a company to the river water. The concentrations of phenol and nitrogen in the wa

Extended care facilities are paid on a per diem basis

Extended care facilities are paid on a per diem basis, and they have an upward sloping supply curve. What will be the effect on supply or quantity supplied in each of the foll

Doctoral level researcher balance producing

Doctoral learners becoming researcher/scholars must be able to produce original, written academic works and to evaluate the calibre and originality of their writing and the wr

Describes the court with jurisdiction over the defendant

Tammi Tenant was a university student in Ohio who rented a house from Loretta, who also lived in Ohio. Upon graduation, Tammi moved to Nebraska. Assuming that one party sued t

Causal effect of relative performance evaluations

A manager wants to know if employees who are given relative performance evaluations work longer hours than employees who are not evaluated relative to their colleagues. Explai

What are some of the benefits of pcas

We have discussed extensively over the past eight weeks the benefits, tools, and methodologies to project monitoring and control. Effective project monitoring requires acces

Diversity management-workforce planning and staffing

Select one of the following human resources functions: diversity management, workforce planning, , staffing, employee relations, labor relations, legal compliance, training, o

Calculate the productivity in sales revenue/labor expense

the Windy 2000. Units sold 1,217 Sale price each $1,700 Total labor hours 46,672 Wage rate $12/hour Total materials $60,000 Total energy $4,000 Calculate the productivity in


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