Explain the key issues in the effective selection

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a) Explain the key issues in the effective selection, training and support of expatriate managers, with reference to a manager from your own nation sent on an expatriate assignment to a dissimilar nation of your choice. NB This option is NOT available to students who have studied the International HRM module

b) Critically review literature relating to leadership styles for your own nation and two other nations of your choice, assuming how a manager from your nation might need to change their leadership style when working in subsidiaries in the other two nations

To answer this essay question:
• Review suitable articles (the Caligiuri article on Moodle is a useful starting point) to see what authors consider are the key issues
• Do this critically by seeing whether the several authors agree or disagree on the challenges and the way to solve them.
• Clearly state which is your own nation and to which nation the manager is being sent
• Use suitable cross cultural models to show the differences between the two nations
• Show what specific issues are relevant because of the cultural differences between the two nations.
• you are expected to look for relevant journal articles yourself, read them and the ones you have been given, and come to conclusions.

Referencing style: Harvard Referencing
Word count: 1500

Reference no: EM135283

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