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ERP system an CRM

1. What are the advantage to using an ERP system? What are the disadvantages?

2. If you were the chief information officer of a large company, would you recommend implementing an ERP system? Why or why not?

3. How can a small business avoid experiencing "just another ERP failure"?

4. What role does technology play in CRM? Is CRM mostly about technology or mostly about relationships?

5. What type of communication (e.g., e-mail, texting, Facebook, and so on) methods would you want to have with a company you do business with? Explain.

6. If you were the chief executive officer of a Fortune 500 company, would you be comfortable using social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn as part of your CRM strategy? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM1327672

What does a small hardware store like cox have

What does a small hardware store like Cox have to do in terms of inventory management so they can compete with their larger counterparts like Lowes and Home Depot? Is it dif

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Examine the impact of import/export compliance and security management post 9/11 - Evaluate export management in terms of INCO, documentation, and export supply chain manageme

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Supply base rationalism seeks to reduce the suppliers in which an organization deals directly to a smaller number of strategic suppliers. How does this process work? What ar

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You are the Project Manager on a project where a seller is not performing in accordance with the contract. Specifically the products delivered by the seller so far do not meet

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Identify some of the logistics activities that the business engages in and explain what metrics should be used to assess how effective the logistics function is that would be

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If fewer weeks of supply and higher inventory turnover are better, is it possible for a supply chain to achieve zero weeks of supply and infinite inventory turns? Why or why

How slp handles its warehousing functions

How it handles its warehousing functions? Reverse logistics pertains to the organization's involvement in the movement and disposition of goods following their use by custome

Demand for the services of the highest talent performers

Near the turn of the millennium, duplicative and transmission technology (the internet, CDs) led to a further development: easy acquisition and duplication of music without pa


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