Explain most of the various models of the shinkansen

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Most of the various models of the Shinkansen, Japan's high-speed trains, travel between 240 km/h and 285 km/h. The two exceptions are the Shinkansen "0" series, which began service in 1964, and the new "500" series, which began service in 1997. Series-0 trains travel up to 61.1 m/s and have a total mass of about 8.84 × 105 kg. The lightweight, streamlined series-500 trains travel up to 88.9 m/s and have an estimated total mass of about 4.80 × 105 kg. What are the maximum kinetic energies of these two trains?

Reference no: EM13759498

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It is therefore possible for a program, thinking a memory location holds a piece of data when it actually holds a program instruction, to accidentally (or on purpose) modify

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Copy and paste the work into your Key Assignment document and include screen shots of each step, describe what you did for each step and paste in the actual SQL text used to

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Describe three different barriers to effective listening and how they develop in the workplace. Describe some basic steps you could take to remove existing barriers in your cu


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