Explain in detail how the darker method in of image works

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Explain in detail how the darker method in OFImage works. (Hint: It contains another method call to a method also called darker. Which class does this second method belong to? Look it up.) Implement the lighter filter in OF Image.

Reference no: EM131372475

Resize the dialog and observe the resize behavior

In BlueJ, invoke the Use Library Class function from the Tools menu. Look at the dialog you see on screen. Which containers/layout managers might have been used to create i

Implement an undo function in your image viewer

Change your application so that it can open multiple images at the same time (but only one image is displayed at any time). Then add a pop-up menu (using class JComboBox) to

Note that the slider is not currently functional

The start should be zero, and the end should be the length of the music file. The MusicPlayer class has a get Length method. Note that the slider is not currently functional

List three exception types from the java.io package

Does a constructor have any means of indicating to a client that it cannot correctly set up the new object's state? What should a constructor do if it receives inappropriate

Do the errors need reporting in some way

Is it acceptable in all cases for the method simply to do nothing if its parameter values are inappropriate? Do the errors need reporting in some way? If so, how would you d

Could a hash map have been used in place of the tree map

Could a Hash Map have been used in place of the Tree Map? If you are not sure, try changing Tree Map to Hash Map and see if Hash Map offers all of the required functionality

Do you have any specific criticisms of it

Modify the Command Words and Address Book Text Inter face classes of the address-book-v1t project to provide interactive access to the get Details and remove Details methods

Design and build a gui for a text editor

Consider functions for formatting (font faces, style, and size) and a character/ word-count function. You do not need to implement the load and save functions just yet-you m


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