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A year ago Apex Manufacturing bought its managers computers for their homes and paid for telephone connections so that managers could access Apex computers and data files from home after normal business hours. Since last year, productivity at Apex has raise by 15 percent. Other companies can learn from success at Apex: given home computers and access to company resources, employees will work extra hours at home and thereby increase company profits." Explain how well reasoned etc.

Reference no: EM1399947

Find a significant increase in mean life

Vigorous exercise helps people live several years longer (on the average). Whether mild activities like slow walking extend life is not clear. Suppose that the added life ex

How large are they in terms of number of employees

Brief description of the software, including cost: Discuss the possibility of integrating with other software being recommended. Advantages and disadvantages of using the soft

Consumption of goods

Joe College is a UT student.  His course schedule is set and his parents have already paid for his tuition, room, and board for the semester. Now Joe must decide how to alloca

Business organizations should be socially responsible

1. Using your own words, briefly describe what social responsibility means to you personally. 2. Do you think business organizations should be socially responsible? Provide t

Generate a random integer

Explain how to generate a random integer between 1 and M that is already in the tree (so a random deletion can be performed). What is the running time of this operation?

Describe the value proposition and investment requirements

a. Identify a venture that has received initial funding and describe the value proposition and investment requirements. b. Explain key points that you believe resulted in a p

What are the price-features-sales service in area

How much more productive is Toyota Prius Hybrid than say Corolla? in terms of price, maintenance, fuel efficiency. What are the price, features, sales service in your area? I

Design a 4-word by 4-bit lifo stack using shift registers

Design a 4-word by 4-bit LIFO stack using shift registers and combinational logic only. Draw your schematic, indicating the components used. How do you distinguish between a


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