Explain how each change will affect hr practices
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Describe at least four social and demographic changes from examples of Affirmative action, Religious Discrimination & Workplace Litigation( based on policies put in place such as no beard aloud due to health and safety, no facial jewelry, ministerial exception to religious discrimination

. Explain how each change will affect HR practices and the role of HR as a strategic employee relations partner over the next 5-10 years.

. Identify at least three HR practices for managing social and demographic changes.

. Explain why these practices will promote positive employer-employee relationships.


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Human Resource Management is indeed a complex process in itself considering the fact that that the overall management of the human resources in the organisation rests with this department.

The organisation is basically running on the basis of the contribution by the human resource and if this department does not look into the benefits and the requirements of the human resource then the overall confidence, productivity and output of the organisation is likely to fail and this may lead to adverse results for the organisation.

It is a requirement on the part of the organisation to ensure that there is highest maintenance of standards of operation and that there are proper human resources practices which ensures that there is proper consideration of each and every human resource and that each of them are provided with equal respect in the organisation and the society concerned.

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