Explain hardware implementations of intelligent agents

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1) There are hardware implementations of intelligent agents. Find in the literature instances of intelligent agents as software. Compare and contrast these two implementations.

2) The computer has opened a new method for mathematical examination. Up until now every mathematical proof was based on previous theorems and their proofs. Now, instead of proving a theorem, we have the possibility of trying all of its individual cases, provided their number is not infinite. Some label this approach as "the end of the proof" and accept this to be as good as an analytical proof. What is your opinion? Would you accept this or do you find this method inferior to a formal proof?

Reference no: EM1371006

Will bumbershoot corporation be willing to use ec2 service

The Bumbershoot Corporation's biology research center produces 600 GB of new data for every wet lab experiment. Assume the data generated can be easily parallelized, with a

Write java non-recursive algorithms and methods to determine

Write java non-recursive algorithms and methods to determine: the number of nodes in a binary tree, the sum of contents of all the nodes in the binary tree, the depth of a b

Innovation and organizational processes

Examine potential changes in IT related to innovation and organizational processes. List and describe internal (online) information security risks and mitigation tactics and

Truth table validity of demorgan-s theorem for variables

Find out by means of truth table validity of DeMorgan's theorem for three variables: (ABC)' = A' + B' + C'. Simplify given expressions by using Boolean algebra.

Write a loop that subtracts one from the class

1- Write a loop that subtracts one from the Class Dog's energy for every 30 steps that the Dog takes. 2- Make the player-controlled Class Dog move more slowly whenever the m

Compute the map produced by the som algorithm

Compute the map produced by the SOM algorithm, permitting the neighborhood function around the winning neuron to decay much faster than that normally used. You may have to r

Information for building project

This exercise begins with information for a building project. Working in Microsoft Project, you will create the task list, including summary tasks and their sub-tasks, creat

Why the world wide web is like a giant client/server system

One of the principles of client/server systems is that the processing functions are divided among different computers in the system. Describe and explain this ‘‘division of


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