Explain effects of compaction on normal processing

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Swapping systems eliminate holes by compaction. Assuming a random distribution of many holes and many data segments, and the time to read or write a 32-bit memory word of 3nsec, about how long would it take to compact 8GB? For simplicity, assume that word 0 is part of a hole and that the highest word in memory contains valid data. What about if you upgrade to memory that can be read or written to in 1nsec? Comment briefly on the effects of compaction on normal processing.

Reference no: EM1363688

Question regarding the video rental business

This neighborhood store is an independently owned video rental business. The owners would like to allow their customers to use the computer to look up the aisle number for m

Write the definition of a class counter containing

Write the definition of a class Counter containing: An instance variable named counter of type int An instance variable named limit of type int . A constructor tha

Replacement part at much lower cost

You accidently broke your refrigerator door handle.The appliance company that made the refrigerator can express ship you a replacement handle, for which it has copyrighted t

Demonstrate an ability to communicate ideas

What kind of study does the question suggest (empirical--e.g., ethnography, case study, descriptive study, experimental; historical--oral or archival or both; theoretical; d

Problem related network, operating system

You will complete a research project that will involve the writing of two security policy, procedure and practices. Your job is to create and document two technical operatio

Create sliders for these parameters

Adding new parameters When we added reproduction to the Wolf Sheep Simple model, we set two constants in the code. First, reproduction can occur only if the animal has more

Elements controlling proper access to information it uses

Develop the flow diagram of the information and any control elements needed to ensure proper access for the information. Submit a 700- to 1,050-word section of the paper with

Write the equations for the d-flipflop

Given the following sequence(0,10,11,6,1,3,14,5,13,12,2,9,8,7,15,4), write the equations for the D-Flipflop A, D-Flipflop B, D-Flipflop C, and D-Flipflop D. The states are


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