Explain diagnosing and troubleshooting excel-based problems

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MS Excel's versatility allows users to analyze both qualitative and quantitative data. How does the versatility of Excel affect application support? Because of its versatility, what assumptions must be made when diagnosing and troubleshooting Excel-based problems?

Reference no: EM1372233

Main attributes of product in plug-ins change process

What are some main attributes of product and how may it help operations of organization? How do third-party plug-ins change process of diagnosing and troubleshooting errors in

Create the new instance of problem with graph

Assume we replace each edge cost Ce by its square, Ce^2, thereby creating the new instance of problem with same graph but different costs.

Convert decimal number in sixteen bit binary

Convert decimal number +25 and +3 in 16-bit binary. Illustrate your work. Add binary numbers in above question using rules for binary addition.

Find whether bit string contains two consecutive one bits

You wish to find out whether bit string contains two consecutive 1 bits. Obviously, you can do this using n probes. For which values of n in range {3, 4, 5, 6, 7} can this b

Solve problem and categorize it by using big-theta notation

Sometimes slight change in problem can significantly modify form of its solution. For instance, determine simple algorithm for solving following problem and categorize it usi

Determine the smallest number of schedules from set

Let problem of generating a set of (linearized) schedules for a set of partially ordered atomic actions. If there are n actions that all have to be performed, determine the s

Steps to follow to get evidence in investigating files

Drive that you are investigating comprises several password-protected files and other files with headers which do not match extension. What procedures would you require to f

Determine optimal objective function value of lp problem

Implement given LP problem in a spreadsheet. Use Solver to solve problem and create Sensitivity Report. Determine the optimal objective function value if RHS value for second


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